Li Yin Hung PhD

Li-Yin is a research associate who received her Ph.D. in Immunology at UC Davis before joining Herbert lab. Her primary interest is in the interaction between immune cells and epithelia in the airway. Li-Yin’s work focused on how immune cells and soluble factors derived from them, such as Trefoil Factors, can promote pulmonary tissue repair after infectious and/or non-infectious insults. In 2016 Li-Yin decided to take on an exciting opportunity and moved with the lab to Penn. Since then her work also expanded to areas related to lung progenitor cells and how Trefoil factors fit into the big picture of pulmonary regeneration. When not at work, Li-Yin likes reading, hiking, bouldering and spending time with her cat Kallisto. She is also an avid baseball fan who is always down for going to a ball game.

Where are you from?
Taipei, Taiwan

What is your favorite hangout place or favorite thing to do?
Exploring hiking spots around the city.

What is your prior degree/training?
B.S.- Zoology, National Taiwan University; M.S.- Immunology, NTU; Ph.D.- Immunology, UC Davis

What is your career aspiration?
To work on subjects I know can make an impact to human beings.