Joonhyung Park

Joon was a research technician who joined the Herbert lab after receiving his B.A. in Biological Basis of Behavior at UPENN in 2016 with a keen interest in Neuroscience. Joon investigated the TFF3/LINGO2 interaction and its effect in the context of host-protection against parasitic helminths. His work greatly contributed to our paper on LINGO2.

Joon is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Mentis Lab at Columbia University in the Pathobiology Program.

Where are you from?
Seoul, Korea

What is your favorite hangout place or favorite thing to do?
I enjoy watching movies at home

What is your prior degree/training?
B.A. – Biological Basis of Behavior, University of Pennsylvania

What is your career aspiration?
I wish to stay in academia and eventually lead my own lab