Heather Rossi PhD

Heather Rossi is a research associate who received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Florida in 2008. In 2021 by way of collaborative exchange, she joined the Herbert lab to bring new expertise in pain and sensory processing. She helps us to better understand how pain-sensing neurons called “nociceptors” detect invasion and damage, communicate with the cells of the immune system to respond to these threats and contribute to resolution when the threat has passed. Of particular interest are the potential direct interactions between parasites, which are able to get into the body with little awareness from the host, and the nociceptors monitoring tissue for external threats. Heather also brings additional skills in scientific writing and editing to help the lab achieve their funding and publication goals.

Where are you from?

I moved a lot when I was growing up. I’ve lived in seven states in the US (TN, PA, NJ, GA, NC, FL, and IA) and one other country (Okinawa, Japan).

What is your favorite hangout place or favorite thing to do?

Heather enjoys exploring art museums and festivals, going to live concerts (recent favorites were Muse and Radiohead), and hanging at home doing yoga and puzzles with her cats, Bernard and Clayton.

What is your prior degree/training?

PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Florida (Interdisciplinary Program in the Biomedical Sciences) in 2008, Pain Training Program and Post-doc at the University of Iowa (2009-2014).

What is your career aspiration?

To come to a more wholistic understanding of how pain is regulated, so that we can develop better therapies and improve quality of life for patients.

Email address: hrossi@sas.upenn.edu